Update #10 – Something New

Hey guys,

So recently, something happened.

I was in my parent’s living room some time ago, playing a video game when my mum said something along the lines of ‘instead of playing video games, why don’t you learn about making one?’

I didn’t pay attention the first few times she said this cos, well what a huge undertaking that would be and I didn’t think I could do it anyway.

My mum said the same thing not too long ago. And this time… I listened.

I don’t know exactly why- perhaps I thought that it was, at the very least, worth looking into- but recently I decided to start studying the video game making process.

Now I’ve been a gamer since I was like 9 and now I’m in my late twenties. So I know a bit about what makes a decent game.

So basically now I’m on the road to trying to become an indie gamer.

I’m learning the basics with the goal of wanting to make a game of my own. My plan is to make a zombie game. If I could make something in the vein of my favourite game, The Last Of Us, that would be awesome but that had a whole team at Naughty Dog working on it. I’m just one dude.

Still, indie zombie games have been done and I’m working on my own.

I’ve been putting together a story (this is where my ability to write comes handy) and am learning the relevant software.

You can check out a small game I made called ‘Rags To Riches’ on a site where anyone can make games here.

I’ve got my novel out with literary agents right now so fingers crossed on that count. But this is something different. Something new.

It may not work out but I’m getting to lean something that I didn’t know before.

And it’s definitely overwhelming but at the same time, it’s exciting.

Wish me luck.

Until next time,



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