Terralee Hart – Elementia (Wattpad Story)

Hey guys,

First off, loving the likes Zombies Versus Teens has been getting, plus there was a comment that made my day. So props to those of you who have checked it out.

So I thought I’d upload some, if not all, of my main story. I’ve decided to bite the bullet and put my main book on Wattpad. At least for now. Maybe I’ll chicken out and take it down. I dunno.

I do know of an author who went viral on Wattpad and then got published. So you never know. If I get plenty of support, I might get some success of my own and this could be an alternative to the agent querying.

And maybe a publisher or an agent will see it. Ya… never… know.

Check out the first chapter @ https://www.wattpad.com/story/88250961-elementia-book-1-of-the-terralee-hart-series and let me know what y’all thought. I’d love to get feedback.

Enough support and maybe I’ll upload more.

If you like Harry Potter and/or Avatar The Last Airbender, this may be the story for you.

Oh and if you do like it, maybe you can pass the word on.To your family, your pets mates, your mates mates and so forth.

Though I doubt you telling your pets is gonna do me much good. 😀

Until next time guys,



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