PenScratch Wants You!

Are you a writer, either struggling or published, or a novel or movie reviewer? Even if you’re not, do you reckon you could be?

So I was talking to a friend of mine recently about reviewing and as the conversation went on, we spoke about crime novel reviews because I’d asked him if he knew who I could review for.

Well he suggested a site that primarily writes crime reviews and I replied by telling him that I’d never read a crime book and did he know if they did fantasy.

His response was why didn’t I set up the fantasy equivalent of that site. I asked him if he thought I could and he said ‘definitely’ and that I could get some writers on board too.

That’s where you guys could come in.

I want this blog to be about more than just what I myself write. Having been the editor of a school magazine that I created myself (more years than I care to remember despite only being 28), I know what it is like working on a team and I think it could be cool doing so.

So basically if y’all are published or, like yours truly, are a struggling writer eagerly awaiting that ‘yes I love your book, gimme, gimme, gimme’ from an agent or publisher, maybe you have stories from your writing journey that you wanna share.

Stories about rejections (more than I care to count as I await the right time and the agent/publisher that says’gimme, gimme, gimme), successes, failures, things you’ve learnt,  that kind of thing.

Or maybe you’ve read a book or seen a movie lately that you wanna talk about, whether positively or not so positively, in a review. Btw, if doesn’t have to only be fantasy.

If you wanna join PenScratch and you don’t mind e-mailing me your work and you won’t cry/hate me/ if I make suggestions, then you might just be the person/people I’m looking for as I try and take this blog and make it into a bigger thing that’s recognised as a big thing in the world of blogging.

Of course you’ll be given credit and I’ll do another post detailing the kinds of things I’m looking for in a review if I get some interest.

Let me know if you are interested or if you’ve got any questions.

I also do author interviews here with published authors or authors trying to make it so maybe that’s something you wanna do.

Have a look at the older posts to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

And if you’re interested, leave me a comment with a bit of info about what you wanna do here. Maybe you wanna do movie AND book reviews. That’s cool.

So if any of that interests you and your 15+ in age, let me know.

Plus it could be something cool to include on your CV.

Really I’m interested in creating a PenScratch team. Could be fun and worthwhile.

And with that being said…

Until next time,



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