Update #8 -Second Full Manuscript Request

Hey Pals.

FYI, Pals is what I’ve started calling the people who watch my gaming videos and I think it can transition nicely into my writing as well. You know how singers and celebs have names for their fan bases. Pewdiepie calls his fans Bros. James Dashner calls his readers the Dashner Army. That sort of thing. So Pals is what I’ve been trying out.


It’s been a while since I last updated. But guys, this is a big one. In my opinion at least.

It was last year that I first learnt about OfTomes, a publishing company run by Booktuber Benjamin Alderson. I’d seen a video Ben had done on YouTube before where he interviewed a group of authors including Taran Matharu (for whose book ‘The Novice’ I wrote a book review which you can check out in an earlier post).

After having spent a good chunk of time working on book 1 of the Terralee Hart series, ‘Elementia’, I decided to start querying again. The first only publisher I contacted was OfTomes.

Nearly 2 weeks later, I got a response. I was nervous about opening the e-mail. Plus up to that point, every response I had gotten was a rejection.

However, upon opening the e-mail, I discovered that it was good news. Ben loved the first 3 chapters I had sent him and asked if I could send him a printed out copy of the entire manuscript. Suffice it to say, I was chuffed by this.

Now this is the second request I’ve had for the full manuscript. The first was from an agent who ultimately gave me a rejection.

OfTomes isn’t an agent. It’s a publisher. So essentially, this is cutting out the middle man. As cool as it would be to say, ‘I have an agent’, it’s just as cool, if not cooler, to say ‘I got accepted by a publisher and my book is being published.’

I am very aware though that this may not happen with OfTomes. They, like the agent may not like the manuscript in its entirety.

But this is a step in the right direction. And this is a documentation of something that occurred in my writing journey. If it inspires anyone else, well awesome.

Yesterday, I had my book printed out. 447 pages if I remember correctly. I’ll attach a pic below.

It’s just a printed out version of the manuscript. But there is something satisfying about having it in print. I can’t stop feeling happy each time I see it. Tomorrow it’ll be posted.

Maybe this is it Pals. Maybe ‘Elementia’ will be on the shelves someday soon. Maybe soon you all will meet Terra and perhaps you’ll like her as much as I do.

Fingers crossed.

So that’s my update.

Until next time,





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