Update #5 – Another Agent’s Response

Hey guys. Hope you’re all good.

So as those of you who have read the earlier posts will know, it has been a few weeks since I began the querying process for my YA series.

So far I’ve had two responses.

The first, as stated in an earlier post, was a rejection.

The second…

… is a response that I got only a few days ago.

It’s from the first agent I submitted to, back in January.

I had sent the agent the first three chapters from the first book of a planned 6 book YA fantasy series, as well as a synopsis of book 1.

I was dreading a rejection from the agent in question even before I got the response and was still dreading it when I was staring at the unopened e-mail response in my inbox.

But it was not a rejection.

The response was one line. A request to see the full manuscript.

I was pleasantly surprised. With the last response being a rejection, this is hopefully a step in the right direction.

I am aware that a request is not a green light to publication but I’m grateful that the agent showed even the slightest bit of interest.

In the last post, I said that I was working on an epic fantasy project and that my YA series was on the backburner. Both these projects I wish to make something of. Now, with this agent’s response, I’ve switched back to the YA series.

It’s cool to have two works to switch back and forth between.

It’d be awesome if the YA series got published. So awesome. It’s not epic fantasy but I believe in the story and have stuck with it for the better part of almost five years. I believe in the protagonist so much and really want to share it with you guys.

And, once the series is done, I can go back to the epic fantasy series.

I’ve sent off the YA book 1 manuscript and am currently waiting with apprehension. Hoping for acceptance, braced for rejection.

Even after I sent the manuscript off, I’ve been making small changes. Want it to be the best I can make it.

I’ll be sure to post the outcome, whether it’s a rejection or an offer.

Fingers crossed. Here’s hoping.

Spare me a good thought guys!

Until next time,



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