Update #4 – I got Rejected, Why am I Smiling?!

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind.

Hey guys. Hope you’re all good.

In this post, I wanted to talk about my latest project and how it came to be. I’m excited about it and thought I would share it with you all. If you read the last post, you know about the rejection I received from the literary agent. What you don’t know is what happened after that. That’s what I want to tell you.

So after I got the rejection, along with the sense of disappointment I felt, there was also this relief that the ‘rejections to acceptance’ process had begun. After all, Harry Potter was rejected more than once before it was accepted and look how that turned out. Amazingly. And HP is still awesome. Potterheads unite!

I thought I was okay. I thought ‘just cos that agent didn’t connect with the writing (and that’s pretty much what she said, along with a couple of nice things too which was cool), doesn’t mean others won’t. Everyone’s taste is different.’

I tried to write. And I wrote some. But not too much.

In my mind there was this… ‘block’ I guess you could call it. What I was writing, I just couldn’t shake this feeling of, ‘well is this okay? Is this good?’

It really was a form of writer’s block. Even though I appreciated the agent’s response.

I still appreciate the agent’s response.

Because it made me reevaluate the direction I wanted to go in as a writer. It made me rethink and perhaps for the first time properly think- about what kind of writer I wanted to be.

I realised something.

I realized that I didn’t want to aim to write something that would get some notice but ultimately fade into obscurity unless someone looked me up online. Of course, If I even get that far.

I wanted to aim bigger. To write something that people would remember. That would affect them in some way.

I wanted to write something that could reach, if not the top of a genre, than the top of the middle.

Harry Potter is at the top of modern fiction- and I speak in terms of my own reading- particularly in terms of its cultural and worldwide impart. Whereas The Lord of the Rings is at the top of fantasy fiction.

Now I’m not saying I want to be exactly like them. What I am saying, is that I want to write something that, like them, would be remembered.

Coincidentally, as I was writing the earlier bits of this, I was listening to a podcast (The Writing Coach, hosted by Kevin T. Johns) interview with Jeff Goins who said, ‘don’t settle for good enough when you’re capable of doing something great’.

That applies here I think. Personally, I’d like to do something great. But as for right now, it’s about not settling for good enough.

My project that I was working on before- which is now on the backburner- is, to me, awesome. But I feel like I can go bigger.

Ideas from different projects that I have attempted before have come together and joined up with new ones. With the rest being a new project altogether.

An epic fantasy project. That’s what I’m working on right now. That’s my WIP.

It’s only been a few days but already I’m hard at work. Story planning, researching, map drawing, language creating.

It’s a fascinating process with which you can keep up to date by checking out my Twitter @ThatZNKhan.

I feel like I should send that agent a thank you e-mail.

I feel extremely blessed and really excited. I think I could be onto something.

So despite the fact that I did get rejected, I am smiling.

Watch this space guys!

Untli next time.



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