Z.N.Khan: What I Hope my Writing Achieves

Hey guys,

So as a writer one thing I know I sometimes tend to do is set the bar high.

Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that. But you gotta be grounded in reality and not start with unrealistic hopes that end up putting too much pressure on oneself. Cos that pressure’s like an anchor weighing you down. And it’s heavy. I know that from personal experience. That anchor’s recently been weighing me down.

See with me, it’s not only that I want my work to be as good as I can make it- cos any writer worth his or her salt  wants that right? I mean I would love to be able to discuss my work with my readers- once I hopefully have them- and for those readers to be invested in the story and the characters. To smile when the characters are happy, to frown when they’re sad. To laugh when something funny happens (or perhaps not since I’ve been told I’ve got a dry/unfunny sense of humour but I can hope) and to be sad , perhaps even cry, when a character dies or characters die. FYI, being sad over fictional deaths is something else I’ve been guilty of doing. When Sirius fell through that Veil. When Dumbledore fell from that tower. When Ellie died in Up.

I was reading the Up script earlier today which is why I recall that death so well. And being the massive Potterhead that I am, I don’t envision myself forgetting those demises. But I’m sure there are a lot more examples of sad fictional deaths in my almost three decades of life. I think the first one might’ve been Simba’s dad’s death in ‘Lion King’.

But that’s going off on a tangent. Let’s reel it back to the last related post point.

…. and to be sad, perhaps even cry, when a character dies or characters die.

When I say/type ‘what I hope my writing achieves’ though, I’m thinking partially about the things mentioned above and partially about my own childhood/adolescence. I read Harry Potter in my teens- and I could go on and on about this and what it’s meant and means to me (and I have in earlier posts). It was an escape for me in some strenuous times. I don’t know if anything I ever write will be as well received but that’s okay cos I know that my work has to find it’s own place in the literary world. And I hope it will.

Along with novel writing and working with fiction, I also have experience in scriptwriting. Right now I have 2 fiction projects on the go but recently I was inspired to think about working on an animated movie script. I’ve written one before and right now I’m just tossing ideas around. Dunno if it’ll actually become something. Might be something and nothing.

My other animated script was a full movie but in terms of storyline and characters (love ’em), it was a more basic- but still cool I feel (biased huh?)- movie script. However, with regards to writing an animated movie script now, I’m thinking I don’t want it to be basic. For one thing, I dunno how much attention a basic script would get. For another, going back to the growing up thing, when I was a kid, A Bug’s Life (2nd favourite film ever) and Toy Story 1 (3rd favourite film ever) were released. Now, so many years later, I’m still glad that those movies were part of my childhood and when they come on TV and I know about it, I watch them. I think I watched one of the Toy Story’s (can’t quite remember which one cos my memory’s not always the best), on back to back Saturday’s cos… childhood. Love the PlayStation games too. Good times were had. Many of ’em.

A writer hopes their work finds its place in the world where it’s loved and complimented and admired and has someone to scratch its belly the way it likes (unfunny humour example?) and that’s what I hope my writing achieves. Yes, even the scratching the belly part.

However, if when readers refer to my work or watch an animated movie I’ve written (if either of these happen. I hope at least one of them does), it’d be way cool if they were like ‘I’m glad that was part of my childhood/life’ and they associate my stories with happiness or even the same sense of escape/losing yourself in fiction that I felt when reading Harry Potter.

There’s dangers to those hopes as well though. Bottom line, the above is wishful thinking. You gotta write the story you want to/need to/feel a burning desire to write. Then you release it into the wild and hope it survives out there among the consumers (the readers and viewers) that are gonna devour it with their eyes and brains. In good ways and critical ways.

I want to write a great animated movie. I’m sat here thinking ‘I need an awesome idea that’s gonna have a similar impact to the one Toy Story and A Bug’s Life had on me. I’m not even sure there’s an animated move within me, trying to push its way out yet. I man, there are bits of ideas floating around and I feel like there might be a movie somewhere in the back of my brain. We’ll see I guess. And if there is, I’ll have to make it the best I believe it can be.

It’s that sense of wanting my script to belong to a movie as awesome as other movies that is holding me back right now. I have to hope my work’ll be well received for what it is.

Well, I think this post was longer than I thought it’d be. I came back after a bit and spout all the above. Ah well.

Until next time,



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