Introducing: Z.N.Khan

Hey there,

So, it’s taken some time but I’m finally happy with the design of this blog. I like the theme. I don’t know why I’m struggling to work out how to start this introductory post, I’ve written writing blogs before.

Thanks for taking the time to read this by the way. I appreciate it. And speaking of me, I’m Zuhaib (but Z.N. Khan is the name I’m hoping to have on my published books when hopefully the time comes). I’m 26 years old, a university student hoping to get his Masters Journalism degree this coming summer and a writer aspiring to be published. You can follow me at @thatznkhan on Twitter people.

My past as it pertains to writing is one that I’m happy of. It’s also long so I won’t detail it here but maybe in a future post.

Point is, I love to write and I want- I really want- to do it for a living. It’s the only career I want to have and I feel really lucky to be working on the projects I’m working on.

Currently I am unrepresented and unpublished. Here’s hoping that’ll change one of these days and people- maybe even you- will be able to experience the characters, the worlds, the stories that I feel so fortunate to be able to visit every day.

Right now I feel like things are going well in both my writing journey and my personal life. I feel like some awesome things are set to happen regarding my writing. It’s a journey, come along for the ride.

Until next time,

Z.N Khan


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